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Art Investment, July 2012. Leonid Shishkin Auction July 2012


Leonid Shishkin Auction July 12: sorry, no white gloves in store!

ARTinvestment.RU – 16.07.2012,12:30

on Thursday, July 12, hosted the auction Leonid Shishkin Gallery "Soviet painting and graphics».

The auction, announced in May, was truly a special event. First, this is the last auction of the season 2011-2012, and secondly, the special attractive starting price of each lot - 5000 rubles. This gallery has sought costs to thank their customers (see, 5000 rubles for the job, which starts from the estimate of 25-30, and sometimes 100,000 - is almost a gift) and to attract new customers. Indeed, despite the July heat of the day and evening in the middle of the week, in the hall were about three dozen people, among whom was attended by Russian and foreign buyers, collectors, dealers and artists.

Thanks special offer gallery, was a huge amount of correspondence online betting betting on the phone and even through Skype. Trade was brisk, recklessly (in the auction hall of the toughest fighters tore off a couple of thunderous applause from those present), and it is not surprising that it has been sold 100%of lots in the amount of two million rubles.

Must say that, despite the announced starting price of 5000 rubles, bargaining in the hall began with 6000: for some time before the auction the buyer absentee bids by the number 74 made once the minimum bid on all lots.

3 in (lots 25, 67 and 86) of 117 were sold before the auction with the top estimate.

Greatest interest in the first half of trading caused the work Noe Gedenidze « Still life with pomegranate "(Lot 36). When starting with 20 000 (part-time rate), it was sold for 47,000 rubles to the buyer on the phone. The struggle was long and hard, for the work room and grabbed the phone. Despite, the fact that the party in the hall granted priority over the phone if they are both pronounced the same number (telephone customer is struggling, sitting home and drinking tea, said the presenter, while the buyer is personally fighting in the hall and no tea, no drinks), won the phone.

                                     Gedenidze NN
                            Still life with pomegranate. 1970-e
                            Oil on cardboard. 70 x 50
                            Leonid Shishkin Gallery. 07/12/2012. Lot 36
                            Estimate: 60 000-80 000
                            Result: 47 000

Two of Romadina (lots 40 and 41), went to hammer for a price above 50 thousand rubles each. Portrait of a Man (Lot 40) to 52,000 rubles at the start of the 15 000 received in the property buyer in the room, the painting "The expectations of the sculptor," bought for 56,000 customer on the phone.

                           Romadin NM
                    Waiting Sculptor (portrait Grigoriev). 1940-e
                    Oil on canvas. 47 x 39
                    Leonid Shishkin Gallery. 07/12/2012. Lot 41
                    Estimate: 000-120 100 000
                    Results: 56 000

The auction went quite cheerfully, without unnecessary pauses and sagged.

Given the abundance of telephone rates, lead went to meet those who have made a few bets on the lots, reaching not in a row: in the second half of the trading order of the draw of lots has been changed in favor of telephone customers - so that people once again to the phone is not running, the auctioneer said. It only accelerated it.

Phones and Hall fought recklessly, not yielding to each other, sometimes, it seemed, out of obstinacy.

Thus, persistent struggle ensued for "Roses in a Vase» (Lot 95). The work is just to give "any prostenochek," as it described the presenter, attracted several buyers. Beginning in 7000 (part-time rate), applicants for moving picture of the steps in 1000 rubles, after some time the leading offered to bet in poker: an arbitrary rate of the first second player must answer the same amount, so as not to lose. The proposal has been cheered in the audience and the enthusiasm spurred fighting. In the end, to loud applause won the hall, taking a lot of 31,000 rubles.

                                          LIVSHITS TI
                               Roses in a Vase
                               Oil on cardboard. 72 x 46
                               Leonid Shishkin Gallery. 07/12/2012. Lot 95
                               Estimate: 60 000-80 000
                               Results: 31 000

The next time the audience burst into applause, supporting player, the record for the auction - who took the upper hand in a tense struggle between the two phones. Caused a stir, "The young lady in the park," NM Sazonova (Lot 106). In the fight involved three phones, which for a long time did not want to give the work to each other. When the twenty minutes of bargaining is one of the phone passes, the remaining steps are to increase interest rates, trying to get rid of an opponent. In the end, went to work with the buyer bids for a record number of 58 220 thousand rubles, which is more than 2 times the upper limit estimate.

The young lady in the park.
1914 Oil on canvas. 54 x 90
Leonid Shishkin Gallery. 07/12/2012. Lot 106
Estimate: 80 000-100 000
Result: 220 000

In general, the past can be called the auction a success for both buyers and for the auction house: Buyers have 64 lots at prices ranging from 5 to 10,000, and an auction - almost 30 percent of the estimate. For the spring season of the year - the result of more than normal, but we think that this is the case, especially when it is not worth calculating percentages. It is better to say that these trades - an example of what three hours (and that is how much this action lasted) in the auction room can be carried out with the use, fun and interesting.

Maria Kuznetsova, AI



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