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Russian Auctions Week in London

23/11/2016 00:00

Russian Auctions Week in London

Blouin ArtInfo, February 2016, Alexander Gerasimov: By The 135th Anniversary Of The Artist


This is the first monographic exhibition of the artist in Russia over the past sixty years. It presents impressionistic still lives and landscapes, soulful portraits and paintings, through which Alexander Gerasimov went down in history as the creator of socialist realist canon, master paintings of the Stalin era, the main theme of which was the image of "leader, happy happiness of the people." He became a folk artist, winner of four Stalin prizes, and then - the first all-powerful president of the Academy of Arts of the USSR. Although his paintings do not reflect Soviet reality of those years, we will find in them something more interesting - the history of the Soviet imagination, a system of ideological symbols, read "icons" that should have been in the traditions of Russian avant-garde form the image of the "new man."

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